Penny Western is a rock band. We write and perform our own songs. Sometimes we play other people’s songs. We’re four guys who grew up in Atlanta and somehow made our way back here after various journeys to other places.

Here’s who’s who.

Randall Kirsch writes a lot of our songs, sings and plays guitar. He grew up playing guitar with…Ian Groves can play a mean electric guitar, no disputing that. He and Randall grew up playing all kinds of terrible stuff in the basement of …Lawton Zurn started playing drums when he was 14, at the exact same time Randall started playing guitar. I guess it was meant to be. Whit Lanier is the latest and arguably greatest arrival to the band, the host of our rehearsals and lake trips, and serves as the anchor of the band, musically and otherwise.

A little history on our former musical exploits for the archivists out there…

Randall used to play in a successful touring band out of Raleigh, N.C. called Drifting Through. When that band broke up way back when, he moved back to Atlanta and hooked back up with Ian. Kirsch & Groves rocked Buckhead regularly for many moons before Penny Western was born.

Whit was in a band in NYC called Moye back in the day. Their CD was reviewed in Japan. That means they were pretty good.

Lawton played in the Athens, Ga. band Dirty Mittens before joining Penny Western.